Interviews Conducted as Research for Novels

Interview with
Rod McKay
International Arms Dealer

The first interview in the trade series has to be with Rod McKay, international arms dealer, the principle SME. I’ve worked with Rod and his associates for the past two years preparing this series. I hope you enjoy meeting him through this interview.

Interview with Rod McKay, conducted May 29, 2016.

Interview with
Tyler Jones
Ethical Hacker

Not every one of my subject matter experts can be interviewed. Their jobs would be on the line if they talked openly in public. Tyler Jones has no such restrictions at the moment. I hope you find this interview to be both interesting and informative.

Interview with Tyler Jones, conducted July 9, 2016

Interview with
Walter McFarland
Financial Consultant

Walter McFarland is a tier one consultant in the financial sector. He is a former Vice president/Director of Business Intelligence, for Wells Fargo. Walt’s specialties include knowledge management, customer relations management, information and related technologies, process development and diversity in the workplace.

Interview with Walter McFarland conducted September 16, 2016.

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