Introducing the U.S.A. CornerShot®

McKay Enterprises LLC is the licensed manufacturer of the CornerShot® U.S.A. chassis. This advanced and improved platform enables operators to engage targets from protected areas without exposing themselves to fire.

The CornerShot® U.S.A. platform utilizes video for sighting around obstacles. The video feeds give sight to operators and can also be sent in real-time to central command, ensuring situational awareness and superior decision making. This advanced pistol-mounting platform has changed the nature of close-quarter operations, providing security forces a new and efficient tool to engage targets with minimal risk to themselves. CornerShot® is a proven method for increasing survival rates and safely gathering information in combat scenarios. It has been used extensively in urban low-intensity conflicts; inside buildings, airplanes, buses, and trains. With CornerShot®, there is no need for unnecessary exposure to the enemy.

Under their license, McKay Enterprises upgraded optics and image processing of the original CornerShot®. The U.S. border patrol, the U.S. Secret Service, SWAT units and multiple U.S. counterterrorist units have adopted this platform, and for a good reason. Extensive laboratory testing has proven reliability in extreme conditions of heat, cold and even salt fog.

McKay Enterprises manufactures CornerShot® and is the only organization authorized to train trainers in its use, worldwide.