Call for Subject Matter Experts and First Readers

How to Train Your Parents was a working title. The current title being considered is:
How to Cope With Broken Parents: A Guide for Neglected Teens

Subject Matter Experts

The links below will take you to a framework into which I hope to load your wisdom and experience in the fields of child psychology, child abuse, sexual abuse, violence prevention, and any other topic you may find or believe missing in the framework. If you have credentialed expertise in relevant material, please contact me as soon as possible to answer any questions and hopefully convince you to participate. I promise to make the experience as effortless as possible, and I always fully acknowledge input.

First Readers

With every new book I produce, there are sections to improve, grammatical changes to be made, and in my case, humiliation to be overcome. The wisdom of crowds is the best learning tool a writer can have, so I’m begging for your help.

I’m hoping for feedback before the second week in May, but I am willing to delay publication for some experts. The primary objective is to make the work as applicable as possible to tweens and teens in distress. Here are the essential ideas for feedback. Any additional observations or comments are welcome.

  1. Is this material worth publishing?
  2. What works as written?
  3. What bothers you on some level, and why?
  4. If I missed important content, let me know what that is.
  5. If you think a section or story doesn’t fit or should be removed/revised, tell me why.
  6. All comments welcome. Don’t hold back.

This downloadable pre-release .pdf is somewhat polished but a draft nonetheless. I will reimburse your purchase and shipping costs via Venmo when I get your feedback.

Do you intend to help? I acknowledge first readers in all my published work. Let me know if you are in before you start so I can plan. Here are my contact points:

  • Txt: 651 528-0708

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