Fire Eye Report shows unacceptable breach levels across industries.

In their report titled Maginot Revisited: More Real-World Results from Real-World Tests, FireEye, Inc. brings the reader’s attention to firewall breaches at levels that should concern all of us. New approaches are called for to protect against evermore sophisticated malware and the skills of advanced persistent threat actors. In too many cases business and institutional entities are failing.

The executive summary reports that, “Across all industry segments, 96 percent of systems were breached on average. And 27 percent of those breaches involved advanced malware. Given the widespread failings of conventional security deployments, organizations must consider a new approach to securing their IT assets.”

As a novelist I exploit these same vulnerabilities in my work (not literally) in part for entertainment value, but also to raise awareness. FireEye, among other solution providers, may have answers.

Download the report – for your organization, here: