Peer to Peer (P2P) Contact in the Sales Cycle

High-Rise Crew: Dirty Money wins prestigious award!

This micro aerial vehicle has a unique way to extend battery life

Robobee is a micro aerial vehicle capable of landing for periods of time to conserve battery life – huge implications for surveillance. If you are interested in micro drones, you’ll want to check out this cool device. It was developed by Moritz Alexander Graule, a PhD student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology while he was at Harvard University.

See the full article and video, “Meet ‘Robobee’ – the tiny drone designed to perch and save energy.” It was written by Nicola Davis and posted at The Guardian

Source of video: AAAS/Harvard Microrobotics Lab/Harvard SEAS


The work of becoming known

A few seconds at the top of the list!

The picture below shows the few minutes I was the most recent follower of Michael Connelley, a fantastic and very successful fiction writer. I captured the screen shot for inspiration. At the time I had about 40 followers compared to his 25 thousand followers.