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Busting the Unions

Busting the Unions The clerk’s ear is dark as a nickel tattoo. Mules block his path west, but not for long. He punches one of the damn mules in the neck and heads around the corner onto 8th street. The mule driver looks aflustered, but he’s a might small to do anything about it. Spits, […]

Leopoldo on being An Instrument of God

An Instrument of God Letters from Leopoldo Giordania to Arturo Arturo, we are flutes with missing key pads, guitars with broken strings and pianos out of tune. I have often thought of us in this way, out of harmony with nature’s rhythms, discordant and atonal. But there is a better metaphor, that of the lens. […]

Leopoldo: Look deeper. Look elsewhere.

Look deeper. Look elsewhere. Letters from Leopoldo Giordania to Arturo Arturo, mind is not in control of mind. We spend our lives believing in control. We talk to each other as if aware and purposeful, but are we really in control of anything? “A mere heap of conditions this, where no being can be found.” […]

Leopoldo on the Duty to Philosophize

A Duty to Philosophize Letters from Leopoldo Giordania to Arturo Today you asked about philosophy. What a great question for a young man to ask. I am not formally trained in the discipline, but let me point to the difference between having a philosophy and philosophizing. One is what we think we know, the other […]