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Interview with Walter McFarland

Interview conducted with Walter McFarland on September 16, 2016. Walter McFarland is a tier one consultant in the financial sector. He was a Management Consultant with Patina Solutions and Executive Management Consultants and others. Until recently he served on the board of the Pan-African Community Endowment, a program of the ST. Paul Foundation. Walt has […]

Wells Fargo fined $185 million, and fires over 5,300 staffers for insider scam

Check out this article by Doug Olenick, Online Editor for SC Magazine (September 08, 2016) Doug writes:  “Acting in most cases without any authority from the account holders, Wells Fargo workers opened an estimated 1.5 million deposit accounts and applied for roughly 565,000 credit card accounts, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Once the accounts were opened […]

High-Rise Crew: Dirty Money wins prestigious award!

I am proud to announce that High-Rise Crew: Dirty Money just was awarded first place in the WriteIntoPrint “Captivating Opening Contest” competition Winners: (announced August 2, 2016): 1st Prize:@authortimbrost Runners-up Prizes:@RWBSciFi@darlene_deluca1https://t.co/dNCTt3qgPq

Interview with Tyler Jones

Interview conducted July 9, 2016 with Tyler L. Jones Nearly every technical piece of information included in my novels comes from online research and interviews with subject matter experts. Tyler L. Jones is what the trade calls an ethical hacker. He is a specialist in digital forensics. I his words that makes him a malware slayer […]

Felony count for being an IT idiot? Could happen

What if your employer could get you thrown in jail on felony charges for violating their internal IT policies and procedures? If a test case currently being heard in Texas leads to conviction and is upheld, that may be the case. An angry employee, frustrated apparently when fellow employees were laid off, deleted some backup […]

Even in Russia, the damage from cybercrime far outweighs the act.

(June 3) – TASS, Russian News Agency reports – Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev estimates ‘Cybercrime global losses in banking sector (are) estimated at $500 billion rubles ($7.6 billion US).’ But TASS goes on to report that the “… ‘damage’ from (transnational) cybercrimes is closer to $3 trillion rubles or six times as high, this […]

South Korea, THAAD, and the China Problem

Will South Korea deploy THAAD – and if so, how will China respond? By Phillip Shrank – May 30, 2016 Photo at right, courtesy of US Missile Defense Agency The Diplomat has posted an article on the missile defense system being discussed for installation in South Korea. It is one of the many answers to North Korean aggressiveness […]

Interview with Rod McKay

Interview conducted May 29, 2016 with Rod McKay. Rod and I first discussed collaboration in February of 2014. At the time I wanted only to do three thousand words on anything – his latest trip to Laos and Cambodia or the water projects he takes on in Thailand. I’d heard, and overheard, things about him […]

LinkedIn hacked again – this time 117 million of us are exposed

Tripwire has posted an article on LinkedIn’s technical troubles in there State of Security section. Hackers took down LinkedIn in 2012. It was a big deal then because they stole account credentials for 6.5 million users. The theft could easily have been prevented by simply salting the checksums but it was not. Now, four years later, a hacker calling himself […]